March 22, 2011

On the road to a righteous nation.

See the official story here: House votes, 212-46, to impeach Gutierrez

The Philippine House of Representatives voted 212-46-4 in favor of impeaching the Ombudsman. Merceditas Gutierrez "betrayed the public trust by inexcusably failing to act promptly on the complaints filed and to file the appropriate cases in court against high ranking government officials.” The many issues of corruption that haunted the previous Arroyo administration could have been addressed and even justly punished, had the Ombudsman done her duty. To add to the drama, the main beneficiary of the Ombudsman's neglect, former president Arroyo, now sits as a representative where the Ombudsman's fate is being decided.

My family "accidentally" tuned into the live coverage of the Congress impeachment vote around midnight yesterday. It seemed important enough: the nation's legislators were still around that late; something important must be going on. True enough, the deputy speaker started calling off the representatives one by one to cast their vote. The reporters said at least 90 votes were needed to advance the impeachment to the Senate, but we lost count. What's happening? How many "yes" votes do we have?

A landslide 212 representatives voted to impeach the Ombudsman. In a country where corruption is widely practiced and even encouraged, such events are truly miraculous. Thank You Lord for bringing righteousness to our nation. The prayer (and the fight) continues. :)

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