May 8, 2010

A Prayer for Righteousness

A Prayer for Righteousness

I pray for righteousness, O God,

in our beloved Philippines,

in the land of our birth.

For so long we have looked

at what our leaders do, or not,

at what our leaders can, or not.

We are so quick to blame them

for everything that goes wrong;

We are so quick to forget

every good thing they have done.

Forgive us, O God,

we, the citizens of the Philippines.

Long have we pointed or overlooked

our leaders' transgressions

yet refuse to change our own ways.

Long have we blamed our leaders

without taking responsibility for our own misdeeds.

Long have we suffered, and know it,

yet choose every day

the easier way,

to continue the way of slaves.

I pray for Your righteousness, O God,

for our leaders
but more importantly
for the rest of us.

Enlighten and enable us to do right

as parents, as children,

as teachers, as students,

as workers, neighbors, friends,

as leaders, as followers,

as one nation.

Lead us to the right path, O God,

forgive us for going astray.

Be the light in our midst

in the work of our hands

in the fruit of our crops.

May we indeed honor and live for You,
our One True King.

Amen and Amen.

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