November 8, 2007

Short-Term Missions in Dangerous Countries: Your Thoughts?

teci: Please see the link in the title for all the respondents' answers. Not surprisingly (to those who know me!), i only included excerpts of the answers i myself would give or agree with :D

The Pulse

Lessons from the South Korean kidnappings in Afghanistan.
posted 11/07/2007 09:28AM
Christianity Today

Should churches send short-term mission groups into dangerous or closed countries?

27% Yes

* Christians are to go everywhere (Acts 1:8).
* The Old Testament prophets and New Testament apostles spread the message of Yahweh and the gospel in places they were not supposed to go.
* Jesus warned us that bearing witness to the gospel involves danger. Sacrifice will be demanded. Lives will be lost.
* If we are to take the gospel to the entire world as we're commanded, then these kinds of mission efforts are essential.

* * *

When such groups go and suffer persecution, how should their government respond?

17% The church should not ask its government to respond.

* We should use the spiritual weapons of prayer and voluntary suffering—not the diplomatic and military rights of our government—to change the hearts of the persecutors.
* To do so only confirms the belief of leaders of the country involved that churches are an arm of the government.
* The church has no government. It should not petition the government for anything at all. Missionary groups go knowing the dangers and should be willing to accept the consequences.

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