November 6, 2007

choosing life and good :)

from The Philippine Star: Daily Bread
Tuesday, November 6, 2007

I have set before you today life and good, death and evil. — Deuteronomy 30:15
You’ve heard the infamous name of John Wilkes Booth. He assassinated President Abraham Lincoln in 1865. But have you heard about Edwin Booth, John’s eldest brother? Edwin, a well-known actor, was waiting at a Jersey City train station when he saw someone slip and fall off the platform. Edwin quickly grabbed the man’s collar and pulled him to safety — rescuing him from serious injury or death. Who was the man he saved? Abraham Lincoln’s son Robert, a soldier in the Civil War.
How ironic that the man who saved Lincoln’s son had a brother who would soon kill the president. One saved a life; one took a life. One chose life; the other chose death.
The Lord gave His people a choice between life and death. They could love Him and obey His commands (Deut. 30:16), or they could worship and serve other gods (v. 17). He told them: “I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing; therefore choose life” (v. 19).
We too have a choice between life and death. We can receive Jesus as our Savior and live with Him forever, or we can reject Jesus and be in darkness forever without Him. The best choice is clear. Receive God’s gift of His Son Jesus. Choose life! — Anne Cetas

The choice we make determines our
Eternal destination;
One leads to everlasting life;
The other, condemnation. — Sper

READ: Deuteronomy 30:15
The choice you make today will determine your tomorrow.

The Bible in one year:
• Jeremiah 37-39
• Hebrews 3

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