November 16, 2007

Fwd: Atheism in New Christmas Children's Movie

teci: What can be more effective than a boycott? Though it's easier said than done, also, produce alternatives! Although in this case, it was actually the very Christian Chronicles of Narnia that induced Mr. Pullman to write his own atheistic books.

A dialog is best. Talk with the people around you, whether they be atheist, agnostic, Christian, or not.

Christians: why do you believe? Why are you sure of your faith, enough to be willing to die for it?

Gamaliel, a wise teacher in the time of Jesus (right after He rose again and His followers were multiplying) said this:

"If this plan or undertaking is of man, it will fail;
But if it is of God, you will not be able to overthrow them." (Acts 5:38-39)

In the context of atheism vs. Christianity, both sides will at least agree that the TRUTH will prevail.

So i say, BRING IT ON. :)

(And i'm itching to write my own books na rin! :D )


----- Forwarded Message ----

Dear All,

There will be a new children's movie out in December called "The Golden Compass". The movie has been described as "atheism for kids" and is based on the first book of a trilogy entitled "His Dark Materials" that was written by Phillip Pullman. Pullman is a militant atheist and secular humanist who despises C. S. Lewis and the "Chronicles of Narnia". His motivation for writing this trilogy was specifically to counteract Lewis' symbolisms of Christ that are portrayed in the Narnia series.

Clearly, Pullman's main objective is to bash Christianity and promote atheism. Pullman left little doubt about his intentions when he said in a 2003 interview that "my books are about killing God." He has even stated that he wants to "kill God in the minds of children". It has been said of Pullman that he is "the writer the atheists would be praying for, if atheists prayed."

While "The Golden Compass" movie itself may seem mild and innocent, the books are a much different story. In the trilogy, a young streetwise girl becomes enmeshed in an epic struggle to ultimately defeat the oppressive forces of a senile God. Another character, an ex-nun, describes Christianity as "a very powerful and convincing mistake." In the final book, characters representing Adam and Eve eventually kill God, who at times is called YAHWEH. Each book in the trilogy gets progressively worse regarding Pullman's hatred of Jesus Christ.

"The Golden Compass" is set to premier on December 7, during the Christmas season (and starring Nicole Kidman), and will probably be heavily advertised. Promoters hope that unsuspecting parents will take their children to see the movie, that they will enjoy the movie, and that the children will want the books for Christmas.

Please consider a boycott of the movie and the books. Also, pass this information along to everyone you know (including church leaders). This will help to educate parents, so that they will know the agenda of the movie. I am sending this to those of you who have kids or friends with kids, grandkids or have influence with kids. So many things today are darkness concealed in what appears to be innocent.

Don't let kids see "The Golden Compass".

For anyone with kids, grandkids other relatives or friends who this may concern, I have checked it out at and it is true. More information is provided there along with the corresponding references.

----- End Forwarded Message ----


teci =)

Many are the plans in a man's heart, but it is the LORD's purpose that prevails.
-- Proverbs 19:21


  1. The movie was great and you were right about the books. I went out and bought and read them once I had seen the movie. They are very exciting, I just read them cover to cover in 4 days. Your advice was right as well, I have told lots of friends about the books and what's in them so they know what they are about. Some of them have already read them, they had heard about all the fuss over the film - and you know what kids are like - gullible.

  2. Hello Dan! :)

    Oh man, am i sorry to have overlooked your reply! i totally have not seen this comment until *now*! sorry sorry sorry...

    As of now i've watched the Golden Compass so i'm better equipped to talk about it and point out its flawed anti-Christian sentiments. i also borrowed the book the same night, and read some pages...and never got to read it again (!!). Hope i can do that soon :)

    i'm just remembering the Da Vinci Code, which was also highly popular and when i panicked when there was a movie being made about it...but thankfully the movie was VERY objective :) (i blogged about it too, over two years ago :) )

    But as for the Golden Compass movie? Man, production-wise (or critique-wise?) it was sloppy. i didn't feel its "heart"...hence i am not surprised that it wasn't that successful (?).

    Still the "don't follow authority" motto might be dangerous to kids...even if the heroine is following adults all the while, and even if kids in the audience might say "i'm not following mommy because the movie said so!"

    Well that's the one logic flaw i saw in the movie at least :) which can be shared more effectively i think with adults than with kids.

    Thanks again for the comment! Hope to hear from you again some time :)