March 14, 2007

off to China to spread God's Good News :)

friends, i'm off to China to spread the Good News of God :)

review: late last year i was slated to go to Myanmar as a short-term missionary. details can be found here.

i learned just eleven hours ago that we will be going, not to Myanmar but to CHINA.

actually i'm so excited because China is one of the last greatest challenges in evangelical missions. most people here are so closed against the Gospel, but meanwhile the Chinese Christians are so on fire for God :) i read somewhere that many Christian preachers have been imprisoned and persecuted yet some are touted as celebrities.
anyways why don't we just study these articles together: :)

i gots ta learn a lot about China in the soonest possible time :D exciting! :)

always, this is for God's glory, to win people back to Him. i hope and pray that more and more people will experience the same joy, peace, love and
completeness as they are restored to God :)


do you have the heart to reach out to the lost, but don't have the time nor circumstances to be a missionary? BE A MISSIONS PARTNER! :D

"How can they hear
without someone preaching to them? And how can they preach unless they are sent?" --- Romans 10:14,15

im currently believing God for more missions partners who would support me as my prayer
shields and as my financial sponsors. Care to know more? Contact me by placing a comment anywhere in this blog, or emailing me at I know that God will be very pleased as you join in the harvest to win souls back to Him, and --- as if that wasn't reward enough --- He will remember and reward you for your compassionate heart that beats in time with His.

God bless, everybody :)

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