March 29, 2007

off to China *again* :)

before anything else, please do read THIS first:


praise GOD :)

i've never been out of the country, and here i am going off TWICE...and BOTH times to CHINA!

interesting. :D

and both times (almost) free of charge.

the acceptance letter reads:

"I am very happy to inform you that you have been selected to participate as a research scholar in the Complex Systems Summer School in Beijing, China from July 8 – August 4, 2007. You have been chosen because of your unusually strong application. We hope that you will accept this invitation to attend the school.

No tuition is charged for the school. In addition, we will cover your housing and meals for the duration of the program. We regret that we are unable to offer you a travel scholarship.

You should plan to arrive in Beijing by Sunday, July 8, and to depart on Saturday, August 4. We encourage you to make your travel reservations early to take advantage of significant savings in airfares. If you are not a Chinese citizen, you will need to acquire a tourist visa in order to attend the school.

To accept this invitation and reserve your space at the school you must register online....Please introduce yourself to other participants by posting a picture and short biography to the CSSS wiki at...

Congratulations again. We hope to see you at the summer school."

happy :) and VERY blessed. :)

thank You GOD! :)

(though i know it's all about YOUR glory, i just LOVE working for Your kingdom too :) )

P.S. oh, and by the way, i'll be celebrating my BIRTHDAY there! absolute coolness!!! :D


  1. kaxethegreat3:32 PM


  2. thanks so much! :)

    please pray for provisions for the trip :)

  3. Have a safe trip! The LORD will surly guide your way. (=

  4. thanks so much! :)

    yes, GOD will surely guide my way as He is guiding the rest of us! :)

    i hope you are all excited about your individual paths as well! i pray that we all have the opportunity to (1) EXPERIENCE God and to finally sense His own personal revelation to each of us, and (2) SHARE God with the rest of our brothers and sisters in the world :)

    really the adventure of going to another country and another culture is just the cherry on top. (Well, it's also a risk! though it's my parents who are really the ones being quite anxious for me right now...)

    make sure you GRAB the opportunity to share about God to everyone around you ok? :)

    God bless! :D