June 12, 2006

dead...in a good way (!)

i just saw probably the last episode of X-Men: Evolution. i think it was the last because Prof. Charles Xavier was already talking about his glimpses of how the X-Men will be in the future. and --- surprise surprise --- Jean will be the Phoenix and will be their enemy.

and to think just eleven hours before that i watched X-Men 3: The Last Stand. (again. for only the third time in as many weeks! :p ) it's really frustrating to see my favorite character in all of fictiondom die again and again. but almost as frustrating is seeing her take the wrong way. arg!

so. she's dead in the comics, and even in the alternate reality in the comics...she's dead in two out of the three movies. now i see the cartoon. oh man. is it destiny? fate? an endless hopeless cycle?

what about me? is it a warning to be cautious? or a note to not-even-bother-'coz-you-will-choose-the-wrong-side-in-the-end-anyway?

Judas. i've always wondered how and who he was before he blabbed about Jesus's whereabouts. has he always been evil? or, just misunderstood, 'till the very end? (side note: i've only heard secondhand info about the Gospel of Judas. but aside from authenticity issues, here's the thing: just because something good came out of something bad doesn't make the bad thing less bad. but thank God He works through our mistakes, and forgives our sins.)

what about me? are things really as hopeless as they look?

thank God for that other movie, Luther. =)
"So if the Devil throws your sins at your face, tell him this: 'Yes i've sinned, but what of it? I have someone who acted on my behalf: His name is Jesus Christ, Son of the Living God."
(the lines in the movie were more eloquent than that, will have to check when i get back my cd :) )

and of course, i often repeat this to myself:
"We have died to sin, how can we live in it any longer?" (Romans 6:2)

i also noticed that Jean is dead for the entire time that i'm following Christ. =) well, i do need all the help i can get --- a little bad influence is already little too much for me.

thanks to the X-Men comics, i've learned how to hope, to dream, to stand, to fight. but now that my idol is (still) dead, i can be free to live my own life: God-centered (now that's not in the comics) instead of self-centered.

besides, in my heart of hearts, i know they'll bring her back. =) and then, happily, i can compare notes. =)

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