June 30, 2006

blessed on june 21, 2006

here are my praise reports for today:

  • the sweet smile from my adviser, the kind of smile i hadn't seen before, and successfully motivating me to go go go =)
  • i'm allowed to enrol (and admitted into the PhD Physics program!) beyond the deadline. Yay!
  • a very chunky thesis. who would've thought? =)
  • promotion everywhere:
    • physics women cell group leader (bigger cell...yeah!)
    • physics 71 course group leader (huwat? although of course this is just on a rotation basis...but i need the motivation to organize!)
    • research adviser of a cool labmate (cool!)
    • i'm now a PhD student of physics (whoa!!)
    • still lecturer (yay!)
    • computer cluster in charge (whoa! mind you, i know nothing about this, but i'm glad for the added challenge)
    • promising research topics and publications-in-waiting (come on!)
    • student of ENLI (Every Nation Leadership Institute) year 2 (all right!)
  • long-"lost" friends: now they're making contact! i can talk about how Christ saved me! :D


  1. hey teci! sinong adviser? c doc s? parang sobrang okay nga kung nagbigay cia ng sweet smile! hehehe or c sir chris? kc bagong kasal! ngek ngek ^_^

    pero congrats sa mga promotions mo! keep the faith!

    u decided to pursue phd na din pala ^_^ talagang dun ka talaga ata kc inaccept ka pa kahit late na application mo ^_^

    (inggit ako sa friend mo nakakita kay hugh jackman...hhuhuhu...kung ako yun, kapalan ko na talaga mukha ko tas lapitan ko sya and say, "wolvie?" ehehe!)

  2. megoy! c sir chris! :) hihi...

    and thanks for the congrats! :) :) :)

    other comments, comment na lang ako sau...

  3. Hi te Teci!
    thanks for including me in your acknowledgments. i'm so happy that you're happy. but then again, i never saw you really get depressed when things don't look promising. it's one of your traits that i admire. you are always jolly, even in the face of doom. hehe... (like when WE thought our theses weren't gettin anywhere)
    and here you are, phd student AND writer-in-the-making AND servant of God! galing mo!
    btw, sorry at dahil sa akin wala kang data nakukuha nun... :-) i guess i'm just irresistible...;-p
    love you te teci!

  4. hi vera! (interesting email add there...)

    yup yup! you're irresistible! :D (and i have work habits that need improvement, to say the least, haha)

    mwah! God bless while you're paving a new path out there :) :) :)

  5. oi sandali lang v! now ko lang napansin na me pic ka palang nalalaman. how come di ko yun gnagawa? nice idea! :) mwah mwah again!!! :)