April 13, 2006

the one, the only reason

i was *supposed* to be having fun, in a night out with friends, but i wasn't. i actually saw myself in a scene from a movie, you know the type, where someone suddenly just leaves the group and stares out at the night sky from the balcony...
ok, so i'm being such a drama queen (again! :p ) but i really felt bad over some little things that happened to pile up. those little things weren't really important then, and they're not now, so i won't elaborate :) still it's always good to just take a breath of fresh air, literally and figuratively.
if i'm not being happy over the things that are supposed to make me happy, then what else am i left with?
"Meaningless," a wise man once said, all the pursuits in this life are meaningless...this man had riches, wisdom, all kinds of pleasure...but at the end of his life he realized there was only one cause worth pursuing:
"Fear God and keep His commands, for that is man's all." --- Ecclesiastes 12:13
the one and only reason for living =)
as i looked at a beautiful moon and felt God's comfort (He is real!), He is all that matters, and He is more than enough.

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