October 15, 2013

Thank You for You


Did I finally run out of things to ask from God? ... or run out of things to thank Him for?

This afternoon, I just got my "new" salary from work, and a friend paid back a loan. So, I'm feeling *financially relieved*...

In addition, my brother just came back from his first trip outside the country, so I'm proud and happy for him, and thankful that he's back safe and doing great...

Also, I'm having a loong weekend --- four days of no school/work, which gives one much peace. Except when I remember my to-do lists (yes there's more than one)...

Interestingly, I found myself writing this to God:


Hello po Lord. ♥

Thank you po for everything.

But most of all, thank You for

     not my money

     not my ministry

     not the (my?) _____

     not my work, studies, friends, family

Thank You for


It's not that I've already achieved god-hood (hahaha) or even the pinnacle of human perfection. But just some thoughts:

How many times have we thanked Him (instead of asking, complaining, or rebelling)?

How many times have we thanked Him because of Who He is (instead of what He has done, or what He will do for us)?

Isn't it time we seek God's face (His very self) and not just His hand (His blessings)?

Have a great day, and God be with us all.

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