October 7, 2013

God > science

"I only believe in science." 
- Esqueleto, from the movie Nacho Libre

I found myself browsing through Zen Pencils this weekend and resolving to read each inspirational-quote-turned-comic. I already have some strips or their original sources reposted on my Facebook and Twitter. I also have some strips that I'm excited to show to my new students next week.

And then I reach this

Which led me to respond with the following comment:

There are many scientists who are Christians too, myself included. I decided to go into physics after reading Carl Sagan's books and watching Cosmos (and the X-Files). Sagan also led me to become an agnostic/passive atheist, but after a life tragedy I found myself reading the Bible with one -- nay, two -- eyes open.

Christianity makes sense to me in the same way that physics does. Of course, God is way more complicated - but what relationship isn't? We sometimes cannot figure out ourselves, how much less the people around us, and how much less a *supreme being*? This reasoning does not automatically prove there is a God, but I'm just saying there are a lot of things that are beyond science.

Science gives a lot of benefits but also has a lot of limitations. Science demands repetition and predictability and numbers -- does art have this? Do we then say that art is foolishness, or that art does not exist? Wouldn't that be the foolish thing to say?

The wonder and awe for the universe that Carl Sagan gave me is still there. But in my humble opinion, it has now matured to include the Creator. Sagan hastily dismissed all world religions as superstitious falsehood and wishful thinking, yet was quite convinced of the existence of extraterrestrial life even though he had no proof himself (it's easy to give equations, but somebody please show me one alien being now). If one applies scientific skepticism to reject deistic/theistic beliefs, it is but fair to apply that same skepticism to one's own pet beliefs too.

On the other hand, Christians nowadays do tend to ignore the *first* commandment to love God with our mind (as well as heart, body, and soul). But I'm proud to say that I know many people who use science to honor God and even know Him more. As for me, I write a Bible verse on the board before beginning my college physics class.

God be with you more Gav! I share your admiration for Sagan but also for Christian authors like CS Lewis and Marianne Williamson. I hope you find Him as you seek and share even more inspiration to the world.

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