April 9, 2012


Yesterday was Easter Sunday. People celebrated the resurrection of Jesus in different ways.

As for me...

  • reformatted two computers (if you know me, you know this is a major issue)
  • reclaimed leadership of our small group/Bible study -- thank You for the growth in quality and quantity. Every person is a blessing; every story helps us grow. ♥
  • returned (slowly but surely) to Kids' Church ;) (If anything balances out teaching college students on weekdays, this would be it.)
  • released, finally, all the bitterness and hatred, followed by a release of grace and forgiveness. This is my miracle of miracles.
  • reminded again and again to confess my sins and bring them to light. Ask for help and for accountability. Relieved now. 
  • restored and redeemed, even if yet in theory, God's plans and purposes for me. It's not my job to understand everything: I'm not God and I just act on the little that I do know. And I'm remembering to be thankful because His revelations are supposed to help and guide and remove confusion instead of adding to it. And I'm remembering that many seasons of frustration over delayed and denied *stuff* are directly due to my own *issues*. C'mon Lord. I claim Your power :)
  • reminded that it's more blessed to give than to receive. :) This is no empty do-gooder push phrase; it's a tried and tested truth.
  • reminded to "do ALL for the glory of God". But this time, it finally sank in. Finally finally. 
  • remembering that Jesus ordered a direct command to NOT WORRY. Repeat ...

My body is supposed to be tired but my spirit is refreshed and renewed. :) 

"You must be born again," Jesus said. The decision to accept Christ can literally be made in an instant, but it is a commitment that needs renewing and remembering every once in a while. And the more we walk with God, the more we understand how great and holy and wonderful He is, and how undeserving yet blessed we are that He loves us... How far we are from Him and yet how powerfully He can change us if we just let Him.

And, so, I get born again, and again and again. 

And my soul is resting in peace while I'm being brought to life more and more.


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