August 3, 2008

real love in "artificial beauty"

There was an ordinary guy who loved an ugly girl.

Ugly-girl had complete makeover: plastic surgery, wardrobe upgrade, the works.

Ordinary-guy was willing to let former-ugly-girl marry the man of her dreams until he learned that dream-guy doesn't like artificial beauty.

Eventually, former-ugly-girl does marry dream guy. Even identical twin of former-ugly-girl also undergoes plastic surgery to be ugly no more.

As for ordinary-guy who's always loved the girl, ugly or not?

Never to be seen or heard of again.






Ugly story, artificial wisdom. (At least the ending parts...)

My fellow women: Whatever we see on the outside, and whatever we do on the outside, please please please consider the inside first. And value the inside please. Honami's (the lead character) insecurities did not disappear when she had her makeover; in fact, they were amplified, and she realized that ultimately it did not matter what she looked like on the outside.

Official character description from

She struggles with her ugly personality that just won't wash away. Though Honami has the inner strength of never giving up, her arrogance of doing anything for her own happiness is just too much.

And for the dream guy, also from FujiTV:

He's actually tired of high society where relationships are just superficial. Ryusui is a man who values essence more than appearance, whether it's flowers or people. Thus, he is attracted not to Honami's looks, but to her tough and bold personality: like a wild flower growing between rocks.

*cough, cough!* Alrighty then, whatever you say...Maybe Honami (and the writers?!) forgot that dream-guy only noticed her when she was already beautiful, and he initially rejected her because, in his own words, he doesn't like artificial beauty.

When dream-guy finally grew up and accepted Honami for who she is, that's well and good. But i still choose ordinary guy who's loved Honami all along. His love is the real thing.

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