February 4, 2007

love as He loves

just some reminders that Jesus prayed for unity (John 17:20-21) and commanded us to love one another (John 13:34-35) specifically so that the world would believe in Him.
beyond the issue of Protestants vs. Catholics, the question is, do we follow the One we call Lord, the One who invoked love as the greatest commandment?

i'll also quote something from the Christian Research Institute: this article was about another group of believers, but the situation can be applied universally so i'll just leave some terms blank:

"In your attempts to reach [---] with the historical gospel of salvation, do you find yourself debating [---] with them or witnessing Christ to them? Both have their place, but they constitute different approaches.

A debater focuses on exposing the negatives of 
[---] while a witness concentrates on presenting the positives of Christ’s vicarious work (although neither approach necessarily excludes using elements of the other).

Debating frequently establishes an adversarial relationship between the Christian and the 
[---]. Witnessing, on the other hand, strives to create a caring climate.

The goal of debating is to win the argument, while the goal of witnessing is to win the 

A debater usually addresses the problems Christians have with 
[---], while a witness addresses (among other things) the problems [---]; themselves have with [---];.

Most importantly, debating often relies on the power of human reason unaided by the Holy Spirit, while witnessing principally relies on the power of the Holy Spirit working through the Word of God (Rom. 1:16) in addition to human reason.

[---] with [---] has its place. As is true in all outreach efforts, however, witnessing is to be the Christian’s primary activity."

and so, i'm thankful to Think Christian for bringing the first two articles to my attention...but even more so, to God Himself, because He knows how much i need all this now. i've been a lousy ambassador to those closest to me but thankfully i'm still in the "family business" so to speak. :) God bless us, everyone! share that love ayt? :)

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