November 3, 2006

i dream of ateneo

Nothing against the Ateneo de Manila University, but i never took their college entrance exam; ever since i said it was because it was “UP or OSY” (University of the Philippines or out-of-school-youth). UP or nothing. While that may be true, i actually did consider taking their ACET till i learned about the requirements. The requirements were not too much actually, and weren’t that different from UP’s, but they were enough to make me say “never mind”. Which just shows how (un)interested i was.

But lately i'm having this recurrent vision. It’s not a dream because i'm awake, it’s not a daydream because it’s not quite ‘mine’. Here’s the thing: i see myself teaching humanities at the Ateneo.

Huh #1: i am currently a physics teacher.
Huh #2: to think i didn’t even consider studying there, and now i'll teach?!
Huh #3: i'm not even Catholic. (anymore.)

For Huh #1, reading is actually my first love, writing a close second, before physics came along. i've just recently rediscovered my love --- and my talent --- for writing: they came (returned) with the Holy Spirit and with a call to write for Him. =) Much of what i've written in my journals i've yet to find time to publish online…so perhaps my staying in physics won’t be as much of a waste as my shifting to humanities.

For Huh #s 2-3: i am a follower of Biblical Christianity, while the Ateneo was founded by Jesuit priests. Christians in the most general sense of the word, though when labeled as Protestant and Catholic are fundamentally different. But UP is neither Christian nor Catholic; it is purely secular. Or so we deceive ourselves.

For only evolution is being taught, while intelligent design (translation: Creator) which biologists believe is at the least an equally valid theory, is not.

For only Hinduism and Buddhism are taught as the world’s great ancient religions, without mentioning Judaism-Christianity-Islam, the trio that sometimes preceded, often outlasted, and definitely transcended them.

We are taught about the great ancient civilizations, the historical documents that record their exploits, or the circumstances surrounding their fall…but we are never taught about (i) the Jews who were preceded by and persecuted by many of those civilizations yet remain to this day; (ii) the Bible as a crammed history book with thousands more original manuscripts and works; (iii) and why Christianity is preached, at the cost of life and limb, to the nations to this day.

We are taught freedom of expression, as evidenced by protesters campaigning in classrooms and philosophy teachers saying they’re atheist on the first day of class --- but Christian organizations and Christian teachers are prohibited from doing so, lest people get offended. Cuss and curse, but not Christ?

UP says it advocates freedom of choice, but where is the option of God? How are students free if there is nothing to choose from?

Fairness and objectivity. A secular environment attempts to reach these by removing God from the equation completely. But if you’re going to be “fair” and “objective” about it, either you remove all options (and end up with the nothingness of comatose patients), or include all options: God, atheism, patriotism, anarchy, capitalism, communism. No bias for God when i speak? No bias against God when you restrain me either.

UP is supposed to pursue truth, and actively fight for it. If so, then let us be true to what we say.

i dream of ateneo.

Although anywhere God takes me is a challenge --- and i love challenges --- and in anything He calls me to do He empowers me to fulfill.

So God, let’s do this. Bring it on. =)


  1. Nice blog.

    I was reminded of Elijah. If God is for us, who can be against us?

    Yeah, Bring it on!

    ~God Bless.

  2. yeah, Elijah's my favorite prophet :D

    thanks for dropping by :) i got to look around your blog as well :)

    God bless us :)