November 26, 2006

hillsong in manila, 2: after dreaming, DO IT!

"DO IT!"

it sounds so simple but my friends and i really felt renewed, re-energized, and just raring to do what God is telling us in our respective lives :D

meggy says: "
good night Lord! i luuuvvv yah more than life! and i'll DO IT! the dream has been reawakened."

actually, for me, embarrassing though it may be, God is again reminding me to continue my spiritual housecleaning :) as in, what i was supposed to do last nov (or late oct) 2004.

sorry it took so long God...

thank You for again giving me the dignity to say it first (what needs to be done) before You confirm it with Your word.

sorry for using my past spiritual-freedom-so-great-i-thought-i-was-going-to-die-because-my-soul's-chains-were-loosed experience as a lame excuse that i don't need any housecleaning anymore. actually, if i had such an unbelievable milestone in my life when i still coddled some false gods, WHAT MORE when i totally get rid of everything that's hindering my walk with God?

it's so ironic that my favorite prophet is Elijah...and that i really love what he said:

"How long will you waver between two opinions? If the LORD is God, follow Him; but if Baal is God, follow him." --- 1 Kings 18:21

it's SO ironic because all this time i've been switching between God and self :( all the while completely embracing that above verse. (time to boink my head once again, figuratively only!....)

i was privileged to listen to preacher T. D. Jakes this early morning. He said the devil is not going to tempt us with what we're not supposed to have --- he is going to tempt us with what we're going to get anyway, but distorting the process (and the timing?)...satan is going to say, "this is your last chance," or "this is the only way," when in fact we simply have to believe that God is going to bless us, His children, with what we want and so much more.

i'm going to continue my spiritual housecleaning now after this blog entry :) i know it's the right thing to do; to throw away my false dead goddesses so i can fully embrace God. the. living. true. God.

but thanks to Pastor Jakes' preaching, not only is this the right thing to do, it's also something i WANT to do.

because i know that there is a proper process and order and timing to everything.

because i know one dream of mine is not going to happen today or tomorrow. but i claim that it will, and i believe that it will. just not now :)

because the enemy is tempting me with the same dream that i will be grasping anyway. but i choose to live according to God's will, His purposes for others as well as for me.

my heart is not deceived. my dream will come to pass. :)

but since it's not now, i'm not going to waste my time and effort dwelling and worrying on something that will happen anyway.

and i'm going to declutter so i can focus more clearly on GOD.

He has other purposes for me right now.

It is His will that i act now.

i also have dreams being enacted into reality now.

and i'm going to finish the rest of my spiritual housecleaning, NOW.


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