October 24, 2006

time for thanks

whenever there's something really MAJOR that has to be done, i always approach it in stages:
  • the it's-not-that-important-i-need-to-help-somebody-now-that's-more-important stage;
  • the i-have-less-than-a-week-to-do-it-but-i-feel-so-sleepy stage;
  • the gosh-it's-tomorrow-and-my-adrenaline-feels-desperate-enough-to-finally-work stage;
  • the numb-slash-in-denial-slash-focus-on-the-present-feel-and-react-when-it's-over stage, otherwise known as the okay-it's-already-happening-could-i-please-focus-for-ten-minutes stage; and
  • the whew-it's-done-now-what-suddenly-i-have-lots-of-time stage.

suddenly, i find i have time to thank God :D

because i find another bunch of reasons why :D

thank You :)

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