October 24, 2006

of ill repute

ill repute. bad reputation.

there is a particular piece of information that, when released to the public, might cause them to think the wrong thing. "wrong" as in (a) i'm doing wrong, and/or (b) it's not true.

here's a common Biblical term: "stumbling block".

will i make other people stumble in their spiritual journey because (a) of the wrong i'm doing, and/or (b) of some incorrect information?

for much of my early, godless (or, having-my-self-as-my-god) years, i simply didn't care what others thought. (exactly why they call it living for yourself.)

now, in this particular situation, i realize that i do care what others think: not so much that my reputation would be tarnished (golly!), but because of the possibly destructive effects on themselves.

it's bad enough that i would cause them to stumble...
...worse that i did not intend for it to happen...
...worse than worse, when it's because of something that isn't true anyway.

"what? teci's -------------? then that means
i can -------------?"

no and no, and oh no!

"what would other people think?"

now that doesn't sound too selfish after all.

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