August 18, 2013

The Conjuring (of Forgiveness)

Last night, I suddenly found it easy in my heart to forgive many people.
As in I declared out loud that I forgave each person, by name.

Not because I suddenly became a super-good person.

But simply because I heard *strange* noises.

The connection? --> I heard strange noises and got a *little* scared, and cast demons out in the name of Jesus. And claimed my protection and safety in the name of Jesus. And claimed the salvation and full life of the people in that place, in the name of Jesus.

And realized how unworthy I was to call on that name.

Yes, nobody's perfect, but God is not just good (willing to help me). He is also holy (perfect). In claiming His authority over evil spirits*, I also felt the need to be clean and release myself from bitterness and unforgiveness.

I find it embarrassing that I had to experience a "scary" situation before I finally released (or re-released) forgiveness. But, oh well. If life gives you lemons (strange noises at night), make lemonade (forgive!).


* If you believe in the Holy Spirit (or the possibility thereof), it would be easier to accept the possibility of *unholy* spirits as well.


  1. Anonymous5:15 PM

    this is encouraging, teci. i have been in a season where i forgave a lot of people too, including myself, then i realized... as freeing as it is, hindi pala yun one time lang. thanks for the reminder! also that everyone goes through this!

    - isey :)

    i sometimes remember to go to your blog for encouragement/wisdom, may you always be inspired to write and share your walk :))

    p.s. hope to bond with you guys again sometime soon, text kita or miriam. :))

  2. Hi Isey <3

    You're welcome, and thanks for the appreciation. Shucks ang dami ko ngang gustong i-blog, time lang talaga (Lord!)... Thank you for the encouragement <3

    Yes please do contact Miriam and me. But I lost my old phone a while back. Keep in touch sa FB/Twitter/Instagram ^_^

    See you soon Isey! May bagong center na ang QC :) Pwede nga rin naman kaming bumisita dyan ;) Love love, and God bless!

  3. Anonymous8:53 PM

    hehe nahiya naman ako na papuntahin kayo dito! hehe jahe naman. ako na lang punta diyan when i have the opp. to check out the new center din ^_^

    minsan nga mahirap magka-time for many things we'd love to do, pero through God's grace nabibigyan pa rin ng time.

    love love, God bless you!

  4. Oo nga minsan nakakakunsensyang isipin na naalala lang natin si Lord kapag may mga scary/tough situations.

    Pero siguro gawan na lang dn natin ng paraan para bumawi. Not that I'm good at this tho. Hehe :) Really encouraging post! :)

  5. Isey - hehe sige let us know :) pm kita new # ko. See u soon!

    Jhanz - thanks for the encouragement! I was really hesitant about blogging this because it does show how petty I am. Hindi ko napansin, na-post na pala yung draft, si Lord na ang gumawa ng paraan :D He'll do anything to keep us humble and to inspire others too :)

    Thanks for stopping by <3 God bless and be with us all! :)