June 14, 2013

Four-Way Gospel

I thought of this image after my last post comparing the four gospels.

Amazing, eh? The gospels have all the bases covered and they balance each other out. God's Good News is for everyone.

One book reminds us to look up to Jesus' divine origins (therefore being worthy of worship), another to look down to his humanity (therefore being worthy to be followed). Another looks behind to his Jewish origins (fulfilling ancient prophecies), while the last looks forward to his being Savior of the world.

Lastly, these four directions combined give us the Cross. The gospels tell of Jesus, who was born to die for our sins, so that we might live with Him. God is making sure that this Good News reaches everyone. 

Have we heard the News? If yes, are we going to share it, in any and every way we can? :)

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