October 14, 2012

seek You and be secure


Just read this (Zephaniah 3:16-17):

Jerusalem will be told:

"Don't be afraid.
Dear Zion,
don't despair.

Your GOD is present among you,
a strong warrior there to save you.

Happy to have you back,
He'll calm you with His love
and delight you with His songs."

Security. ♥

I am secure because God already loves me.

I have self issues, career issues, relationship issues. But knowing and remembering that God already prepared good for me, already chose me, already died and rose again for me... How petty my issues become!

It's funny that when I realize how unworthy I am (still not done with that thing or this concern)

... because I get to appreciate how GREAT God is, and His love for me,

... I'm all the more empowered to be worthy for Him.

Looking at one's self is depressing indeed. We have ideals for perfection but oh, how far off we are.

But let us look to God, Whose arm is already stretched out toward us. The Way, The Truth, The Life, Who already paid the ultimate price so we can live the full life with Him.

I have so many flaws and faults. But thank God, Who already loves me.

I'll end with this text message from a co-teacher :)

One day you were going to cross a bridge with God. You were so scared so you told Him:

"Can I hold Your hand so I won't fall off?"

He replied:

"No, My child. I'll be the one to hold you."

You asked, "What's the difference?"

God replied:

"There's a big difference. If you hold on to me, something might happen and you might let go of Me.

"But if  I hold you, I will never let go."

Who's still insecure among us? ;)

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