October 7, 2008

watch "Billy: The Early Years"

Check out Billy: The Early Years, the upcoming film about Billy Graham. The official website has some movie clips of some scenes including with love-of-his-life Ruth (kilig!) and his landmark Los Angeles crusade.

Kelan 'to papalabas sa 'Pinas?!?! Wah!

i'm really excited about this movie :) Especially since i just emerged from my own "dark night of the soul". Because i felt His presence so intensely and for prolonged periods, i felt His absence oh so strongly as well. i experienced the doubts that led people like Graham's friend Chuck Templeton to atheism :( But eventually i had to resolve that just because i don't experience God in the same way that i used to, doesn't mean that He's not there. Actually, the fact remains that He has already revealed Himself to me!

So for all my other doubts, whether they have yet to be resolved, or if new questions arise, i can rest in the assurance of what i already know to be true.
"All I have seen teaches me to trust the creator for all I have not seen." (Ralph Waldo Emerson). And now, just like a recommitted Billy, i "hear His voice again" :)

And the all-important love story of course! ^__^ It's so inspiring to see two people love and support each other as they love and follow God above all else :) Truly, all good things come from the Father above ^__^

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