July 19, 2008

Before you place your child in day-care...

Before you place your child in day-care...
See the entire article in http://www.bible.ca/f-daycare-thoughts.htm


The first six years are most important. Stay at home! Quit your job! Pre-school day cares should be considered only in desperate circumstances.

The rapid statistical increase of kids who kill is linked to a lack of parent-child bonding in these young murderers.

The absence of attachment leads to "affectionless phychopathy...beginning with an initial phase of clinging, dependant behavior followed by attention-seeking, uninhibited, indiscriminate friendliness & finally, a personality characterized by lack of guilt, an inability to keep rules & an inability to form lasting relationships."

The real solution is personal & relational. Children need the full-time love & care of their parents. Nothing can take the place of the strong bond formed between parents & their children.

...Conscience & character are not self-creating. These qualities will not form in a child who is not closely nurtured in the first five years of life. Research shows that neglect for even relatively short periods in a child’s life (due to patient illness, death, moving, etc. ) can damage the child’s character.

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