January 7, 2008

To all RDF posters: see you in April...

Dear fellow RDF posters,

obscuredbyclouds did well to remind me to be clear of my intentions of coming here. (i thank you once again.)

Initial intention: to communicate to Prof. Dawkins and like-minded individuals (i.e., RDF posters) an "open letter"; doing my best to reach the person being addressed as opposed to talking about him behind his back, as open letters are at times known to do.

Present intention 1: to discuss, as this subforum is entitled, "Faith and Religion", especially with those of the same background as myself: born in an outwardly religious culture, and/or atheist, and/or agnostic, and/or in the sciences or similar fields. In particular, to discuss my own faith as a Bible-based Christian. i thank those who went past their negative reactions to inform me that preaching and quoting Bible verses are not welcome. It is a challenge, but since my faith is confirmed in all other aspects of my life, it is not impossible to be non-preachy, and i am sure that you would let me know one way or the other.

Present intention 2: to show that not all Christians are unthinking and/or unloving.

As you might see from my initial intention, i did not expect to be asked to respond to so many issues by so many people. My workload (studies and research) does not give me enough time and resources to correspond, immediately and/or to each one.

Also, i have been a blogger for a much longer time than a forum member: i am more used to speaking my view and getting very few comments from others, as opposed to let's-all-sit-down-and-discuss-here-and-now. Hence, when i come across something that i would like to share in this forum, i do so, yet leave immediately.

To stay here and actively participate as much as i can.

In particular, i can make this promise: Our school term ends by March, and so by April 2008 i can stay and discuss here in the forum for substantial amounts of time. i have said before (to Cali) that there is nothing i want to do more than to "sit down" and speak and discuss important issues.

i have said before that i do not want to leave anyone "hanging"; and i can do that by giving a specific time frame, even if said time seems much too far off. In the meantime, i will still try to come back and post and respond, though i myself cannot say when i have "free time".

And so, that's all for now. i hope i have been as clear and forthcoming as you would have me be.

Here's wishing you all the best in 2008!

See you around, especially in April!


  1. Anonymous1:47 PM

    It's April 10....

    Where oh where is our little Teci... Oh where oh where could she be?

  2. Hi there! :)

    Thanks for remembering. i was wondering whether anyone would recall when i go back to RDF ^_^

    Still have some stuff to do though, but i will return to RDF starting this month, and stay for at least 30 minutes each time.

    Again, thanks for remembering and for waiting :)

  3. To everyone: a proper "closure of sorts" may be found here:


    But new comments are always welcome :) It looks like i have more time to respond, but in any case again i say that i will always try my best to do so :)

    All the best and i do hope to hear and correspond with you :)