December 21, 2007

My form of worship :)

It's one of those days when i have nothing on my sked yet LOTS to do.

And i have yet to spend alone time with's been a while.

But some things need to be attended to. (Namely, Gribble the Munchkin's comment on this article.)

i'm a writer and this was what i was born to do ^_^ Getting away from it is like a fish getting away from water...and in this case, it might not be me, and it might not be just one person, who will find it hard to breathe until i get to doing what i am supposed to be doing.

And so here goes. Work/Ministry/Service/Writing/Thinking/Reasoning. My form of worship; loving God and fellowmen in one sitting.

(And the real act of martyrdom i could offer up to God would be to get to my Math problem set...but i'll watch Elizabeth 2 first. ^_^)

Here's Teci logging off and hopefully doing all for the glory of God! :D


  1. hi teci!

    I've always been blessed reading your posts.

    Keep on!

  2. Thank you Rei ^_^

    i'm blessed with your encouragement as well. c: will definitely keep on!

    God bless and happy Christmas to you and your loved ones!