May 17, 2007

i'm home =)

they say home is where the heart is :)

the most important Guy in my life says it too:

"For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also." (Matthew 6:21, Luke 12:34)

though strangely enough, i didn't get any culture shock or major adjustment change when we were in China....

so maybe my heart is there too :)

if only we all love as God loves...or at the very least, feel how much He loves the world. not just me, nor you, but that girl over there and the guy across the ocean whose name you can't pronounce...

the trip is over. the work, at least for me, has just begun. God has shown me a glimpse and it's not without reason. this july i will be returning to the land of China as a physicist: something God reminded me to do for Him as well :)

here's to glorifying God through physics;
here's to open doors, and open hearts;
here's to more life-changing and life-building encounters;
here's to the sleeping giant dragon slowly opening its eyes to reality, and hope.

my friend marge, who went to thailand in the exact same time period as when i was in China, said, "two weeks is such a short time".

it is. it really is :)

so come july i'll be returning to china :) to my second home? :)

wherever God takes my feet :)


  1. wiii! teci more pics! hehe ^_^ wana see china... xie xie (tama ba spelling? hehe)